Officially an award-winning communicator!

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It’s official: Your girl is an award-winning communicator! It feels great to bring home an award for industry initiative of the year.

Vitamin D & Me! is a project that launched in May 2021, helping consumers understand the science between vitamin D and COVID-19. I oversaw the advertising and outreach campaigns and worked with some great colleagues to spread the word.

Is it too weird quote … myself? Here’s a snippet from CRN’s press release announcing the win:

Our goal was to reach the demographic most vulnerable to the effects of COVID, Americans ages 55 and up—and our message connected with 5.8 million of them.

5.8 million people!

Thank you to the CRN members who supported this initiative (especially Pharmavite and Church & Dwight, who co-chair the project), my co-director for scientific content, CRN’s scientific content development partner, Nutrasource, and my CRN colleagues who helped make this win happen.

Last but absolutely not least, thank you to the NutraIngredients-USA editors and panel of judges for recognizing the impact of our campaign to educate consumers.

(Pay some respect to all the folks I thanked by name on my LinkedIn post announcing our win.)

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